Medieval Props default size too big? (In new update)

I was making a map with some of the new medieval props, and for some reason, the default size of some items like the wooden table and the medieval lantern are HUGE. I know you can change the size, but I’m pretty sure the default size is a bug or just screwed up somehow. The lantern is as big as the Gim and the table is crazy big.
For your convenience, here is a image of my Gim next to the default size of these props:

Ignore my health and inventory

Code is blurred on purpose

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Well, yes but in the midivil days there were giant tables for feasts, and I’m pretty sure that’s just how they made them. Ya know, “historically correct”. I wouldn’t worry that’s how it is for me, but perhaps it could be a bug. I would say just to shrink them if you want it that way.

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@therealroyaltalor Pretty sure that the Gims can’t even reach the table. The legs are as tall as a Gim!

Lol, guess that’s what the new wooden stools are for.

That, I’m afraid, is top secret. :wink:

If you click on a prop, you will see a “size” button in the bottom left corner.
I also thought many of the props were too big so I scaled them down.
The size button even allows for custom rotation!

I think it is just a bug. Hopefully, it gets fixed soon!

Yeah, that’s what I was trying to say.




mmm yes they came out last night at midnight with a couple fixes


@The_7th_Dragon Yeah, I think that it’s just a bug because the update is so new

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I guess we’ll all just have to wait.

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