Mechanics and Concepts Discussion

This Thread:

This thread will be used for discussing certain concepts and experimenting with the limits of GKC. We will discuss these things:

  • PIPs (Pseudo Item Properties)
  • PCPs (Pseudo Counter Properties)
  • Block Techniques
  • Concepts like Recursion, AUO, Concatenation
  • Other CS things.

Ok, nice. Who came up with Recursion?

It’s a used technique in CS, probably first taken advantage of by @Blackhole927.


We need to use recursion to it’s fullest potential, as we need to use PIPs and PCPs to their fullest potential.

Remind me what those mean again?

Pseudo Counter Properties and Pseudo Item Properties. I don’t understand them either.

Right, pseudo teaming. My least favorite technique in GKC.

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So, what is the most common/basic form of recursion. We can start there.

@ClicClac violation!

Sad how some of us birds are left in the dust as the main helpers get better, and better, and better.

It’s the core principle in my graphing calculator (day 6) so I was probably first

A trigger broadcasting on a channel and triggering when receiving on that channel is the most basic I think.

Ok. Right. GTG, but can wire repeaters do that?

Yes, they can loop.

Alright, so before we begin really discussing this, I want to let everyone know that I have pretty much never used recursion.

Did you play GK8? I used one property and PCP to save about 45 properties. Once you see it, it makes sense.

I don’t have GK8, the publish link doesn’t exist.

Really? It worked earlier today. GTG for the night, btw.

I’m turning this into “Mechanics Thread” where we discuss all different mechanics, and concepts.

I’ll publish Beta tomorrow.

I used PCP to save maybe 7 properties in my weapon upgrading system.