May soon be revelivant, but wires are pretty

I was working on a Mesh network design on my world and After hooking them all up, it looked like this


wire art… huh. That’s really cool! However, I’m pretty sure this is a showcase, so maybe show steps on how to do it? Otherwise people might consider this off-topic

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True and pretty cool that you can use wires to create art, but maybe consider relabeling, or as @LlamaLady22 making a guide for it. :slight_smile:

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maybe we could make a new category for wire art (as brayden_shelton kinda said)

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Too bad it doesn’t show in-game.


Wire art has no purpose other than to showcase your own art. Prop and barrier art at least had the tiniest bit of use, but this will never have any use. I’m sorry, but please don’t post any wire art again, or I will flag you for showcasing.

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Like getrithkd said, this isn’t really art. You can’t use it in game, and it’s kinda pointless.

Ill make a guide to make wires look clean