Mario Kart Confusion Please Help (Resolved)

So, I’ve figured out the item boxes and the delays when they disappear. However, I haven’t come up with a solution to remove the item (quantum portal) from their inventory once they use it, like a green shell. I am still somewhat nooby at Creative, so simpler suggestions would be nice.
(BTW, I’m making Mario Kart if you haven’t guessed from the title.)

Also, I can’t use vending machines- they glitch and then crash my computer.
Screenshot 2023-07-05 11.39.30 AM

Ok, so one way to do this is the Inventory Item Manager. All you have to do is to configure it to where it receives a channel/wire after the player uses the quantum portal, the Inventory Item Manager gives them -1 (negative one) quantum portals, which should take away one quantum portal. Hope this helps! (if you need images or anything, just reply)

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or, you can just have an inventory item manager let you have one shard, and when you shoot you shouldn’t have anymore unless you get anymore. also in your map settings you should have infinite refills off

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Thank you, I couldn’t figure this out. I’ll try it soon.
Nope, @NavyCatZ !
(sorry its my first day on the forums and im out of replys/posts)

However, more ideas are always better.

Simple starting line, partial boxes, course, and a zone that figures out the winner.

btw, the boxes are steppable triggers with two wire repeaters each to turn it off and then back on.
The boxes only give a quantum portal, and you only get one health.

Wow, great ideas! I had only thought of the nonbouncing green shell (quantum portal). I’ll have to try these out. I’m also thinking of making a “hub” so you can decide what map to play, and/or a random selector.

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Make a superstar. (Do you already know how to make randomized loot boxes yet?)

It turns on an overlay button that boosts your speed and switches you to a different team. Have a tag zone that makes it so that team can tag people. Make the button also trigger a wire repeater with a delay of 15 (idk how long it lasts exactly) seconds that switches you back to your original team and reverts the speed boost. Make sure the overlay button is deactivated after you press it.

You can also make mushrooms by making something similar to a sprint button.

For the lightning bolt, connect an overlay button to a relay set to all players except for the triggering player. Connect the relay to a respawn device.

Quick Question: how do I make it detect if a gadget is used?

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I don’t think you can yet

what did you mean by that (read edit)

You can use an inventory item manager to only allow you to have one heavy shard. Have a checker run every interval to check if the amount of QP is 1, and the amount of heavy shard is 0. If both true, clear QP from inventory.

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Yeah, I tested and it’s working. (Mostly.) I only have the portal and the mushroom working, but the loot table isn’t working and just give me both.

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Can I see the table?

ohh, that’s what you meant. great idea

then i have checkers like this

they both have this:

the portal has this:

and the mushroom has this:

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Check the wires that the checkers are connected to. Make sure it’s check passes, not check fails. If that doesn’t work, use this guide on loot tables instead as checkers are pretty buggy

good idea. I’m lazy right now, so imma just help people on the forum

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yesssss this is my job!

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