Map Publishing (control) thingy POV

I’m just curious. I reached my XP limit, and i’m not close to 1000 gimbucks.

Now i’m curious what that looks like. Sorry if this is off-topic.

I can provide it in an hour. (When I’m out of school [1])

  1. mountain time ↩︎

im confused what are you asking

It’s like when you publish your map to discovery, you can see how much views you got, and more stuff.

oh i wouldn’t know sorry

Yeah, you can see the views

wait you gotta pay 1K gimbucks to see ur game performance?

I know, i just wanna see what contains other than seeing views.

Can i get a screenshot about that thing, though?


No, you have to pay 1k gimbucks to publish your map in discovery - that’s what i meant.

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yes you do have to pay 1,000 unless you own the ticket

I guess I can relate this to youtube studio. It pretty much works similar to gimkit.

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