Map Not Publishing!

My map is published, but it doesn’t show up in Creative Discovery. I checked all the requirements and met them. I’ve tried unpublishing and publishing, adding the latest changes, and double-checking the requirements. But it still doesn’t work. Can someone test and see what makes it work?

Welcome to the forums @2256631761 remember to read:

sadly codes aren’t allowed here on the forums
but when searching a map use the description

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Sometimes a good map just won’t publish. That is of course vary rare though, and it definitly didn’t happen to me. (It did)

@2256631761 check this guide out, Reasons Why Your Game Won’t Show Up In Discovery - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

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I’ve checked it out, and I even triple-checked the requirements. :sob: The only way it shows up is by copying the published link. I also unpublished and republished it to make sure it works. I wish they’d update the Creative Discovery.

Hold up. When I published my game it has 206 lays. and for it to show I would have to type drink or drink midnight. It probably is published just need to find the name to get it.

Remember, you don’t search by title, but by description! I recommend adding tags to your game, so in the description just say, tags: then like if your game is Fortnite, you can say like Fortnite, pvp, fun, battle royale

or simply just put the title of your game in your description, or random numbers like 193123512 so when you search that it will pop up


nvm read the post above

@Txme_Lxss, how do you add tags to your game?

Do what they said. It might help.

Here is my game:

It’s called One Way Out 2

I don’t think that’s allowed because “advertising” but I think its fine. It kind on topic.

Oh! no! We only have 3 hours left. We must think of a solution quick! :timer_clock:

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I’m pretty sure it’s fixed. Maybe.

If it’s fixed, then tell me the solution! (If you have it…)

You marked this as a solution.

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Can you show me the steps for adding a tag?

You mean @ing people?

No, I mean the one for publishing my game.