Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas)

Yeah, I guess it is.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH I HAVE ONE!!! What about a ready player one map? Like a big open world but with other games mixed in and gates, bad guys, etc…

Would make a joke about this bump, but I used all of my creative brain cells on this guide.


Maybe you could add a game that is meant to be satisfying, like a sentry with a lot of HP, and a mega turret firing at it.

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Maybe. I may add that in 4 to 5 business days. (Jk)

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What about a smash bros map? where like you pick a character and you get their attacks with your gim

that can be interesting.

I would wait to make that till DLD mode is out…

true because then you could have the gravity and falling off the map… that’s a big part of the game for me because that’s how i always die

Yeah this game mode is the first thing I’m making when DLD comes out, as I want to make it for a friend. lol that’s also how I die!!


Nice guide!!!

I just realized there haven’t been any school maps on Discovery! Well… Time to make one! Thanks for the idea!

@WhereIsMyHat, FNAF and horror games aren’t allowed, please remove them.

they’re prohibited when publishing and not privately


Please don’t ping me when replying. It gives me an extra notification.


FNAF games are allowed. Just no references to FNAF. You could for example, make it 6 nights at Bobby’s.


@getrithekd Because of copyright?


Yeah. Copyright and Gimkit rules.


You ever heard of Five Nights at Winston’s? It’s basically FNAF, just with potatoes…

Just played F1 Racing. Did you make it, or someone else? @getrithekd

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