Map Disappeared?

One of my maps just randomly deleted itself. I don’t even know how this happened.


About how much memory did it take up?

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Maybe it deleted because Gimkit thought you weren’t going to use it anymore?

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It was made a day ago.

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I don’t know, maybe ask the mods?

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I also got the 15 green fish, it’s so annoying because it was worth 3570

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I’m done speedrunning, I’m just trying to finish it now

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I think someone got into your computer while you were doing something, and they deleted the map.

solutions are here! @here



Yes! The mods finally listened!

Yay, I got the first solution (even though I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work)!

how to you make something a solution?

The solution thing only applies when someone is the owner of a post.

so how would i make a reply to my post a solution?


Oop. That’s how you do a solution. Just click the “solution” button.

i dont have a solution button

Well, I have one.