Map design help

I’m taking my dead COD knockoff game and reusing it to make a kitpvp game but I need help expanding the map and making it all around better. I already have a map but I wanna expand and improve. Could anyone help with that?

Are you asking for people to j0in your game to help? Well that is not allowed on Forums. Ask on Wix.

what do you want ideas for?

I know I was going to the forums to ask for help and then send them the info on the wix site to allow them to help as the gimkit forums are more popular and I knew this would get attention faster.

kitpvp? is that a typo or something?

I just need help with map design entirely.

Yes. Would you like to help?

No its a gamemode specifically popularlized on public minecraft servers where players battle each other with weapons and health boosts based of “kits”

ok so i haven’t played kitpvp (or minecraft but don’t bug me about that) so is it like dueling in an arena/stadium or kinda like a battle royale?

Its moore of an open map with a center circle/spawn that’s a safezone for players to pick kits and what not, but as soon as they leave the circle they can be killed. There’s also more concepst I wanna implement but thats the just of it

well what do you have so far?

you may want to change your pfp, as it is most likely an image of the real you and you do not want bad things to happen if bad people get ahold of it…

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sure, it’s battle royale but ig it works for anything

(and what the_7th_dragon said)

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Ill take a video of the map in editor and play mode rq.

I already know about zones and planned to use them anyways

Videos don’t work…just use screenshots…

Alright give me 2 seconds

Here is the map so far

A. Put your terrain on different layers, that makes maps look more clean.
B. Use a tad bit more props like flowers and stuff
C. did you read what I put in my hide details earlier?

  1. layer yer stuf

  2. ok no offense but that’s almost as disorganized as my own gkc map

  3. blot out john codes

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Ok thanks ill deffinety but your things to use.