Manual Cannon help (not urgent) (1)

I made this cannon that shoots a quantum portal downwards when you press a button. Any suggestions? I also want to know how to remove sentry shooting without a barrier because of the new update. (If possible)

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You could, have a sentry that is on your team, and when the button is pressed, it activates a new sentry, that is on the other team?

How did you make the cannon shoot in a specific direction?

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Maybe for removing the sentry shooting, activate a sentry that blocks the original sentry.

No, I need it to be able to be targeted by sentries on your team.

Lol inside the cannon is a sentry, and I activate another enemy sentry below it so it shoots down then I deactivate the sentry so it works like a cannon. I hide the sentry with the explosion barriers. If you pay attention, you may see a zapper bullet. that comes from the activated sentry. That is why I need to make it not able to shoot but still able to be targeted.


Maybe put a no-fire zone around only that sentry. I suggest adding more detail to the cannon, too.

that doesn’t work anymore.

Put the sentry on your team, or make it shoot slingshot ammo as shrapnel?

they remove the no fire zone

Yep, they removed all sentry-device interactions (except barriers, they were meant to block bullets)


I saw a post one time about someone being able to remove the weapon from a sentry, but I didn’t look into it so I don’t know if it just looked like it had no weapon. Maybe you could use that. I also saw a post on the design of a cannon with props and text emojis, which could also be useful if you want there to be no barriers on the side and to also not have to use the barriers for the explosion effect.


josh patched it though :frowning:


Does anyone have any more ideas?


Hm… slingshot shrapnel! It’s not bug, is feature! Also, for my purpose, I can’t do the team thing.

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Can you use props to make the cannon a bit, well, prettier? Like use barriers to make a medival style cannon.

You might want to add a screenshot of your pretty cannon so they can use it.

I don’t know where the no-fire zones not interacting with sentries thing came from, they seem to work perfectly fine for me.
These are two identical sentries, but one is in a no-fire zone. Can you tell which? This means that this is still possible and easy. Gotta be careful with the zone placement though.

Gim Theory:
Wait, if you had placed an old zone on top of a sentry before josh patched it, would it still work and could you copy those zones to still work on sentries?
Could you try it with the zones in your ___Land guide @ClicClac?

Yeah, I can check, but those zones weren’t meant to stop sentry fire.