Making you teleport when you spawn

when you spawn i want you to teleport then teleport back after 25 seconds

I would think you would use a teleporter(2x) and have a trigger set to 25 seconds after the first teleport it starts and then a counter counts to 25 and when number reached it teleports you back. That or you may not even need the trigger just counter and telportes.

How does the player die? If it’s by tagging, then make the tag zone broadcast on “Dead” when they get tagged. If it’s by gadget, then make a lifecycle that broadcasts on “Dead” when the player gets knocked out.

Make a trigger that receives on “Dead”. This should broadcast to the first teleporter. Wire that trigger to a wire repeater with a 25 second delay. Wire that wire repeater to the second teleporter.

but how would you teleport when spawn???

you place it under the spawn pad device so when they move they teleport.

okay i will do that :slight_smile:

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You should a solution only after you see that it works, because you’ll have to make a new topic if you have issues implementing it.

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i know i :slight_smile :slight_smile:

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I’m new to all this, but have you tried using the re-spawn pad?

no what is that though

It sets where you spawn after you die.

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