Making up a popular singer name

For some fake concert, i need a made up popular singer’s name. I can’t make up names, but it has to be Related to Gimkit, like the singer likes gimkit creative or smth.


Which fake popular singer name should i use?
  • Giminem (by chrysostom)
  • Snoop Gim (by CringeKarlScott)
  • Kanye Gim (by Haiasi)
  • Kanye Kit (by Haiasi)
  • Micheal Kitson (by Haiasi)
  • Micheal Gimson (by Haiasi)
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Giminem!! lol, you could also use Josh Kit Gim (Nat King Cole)


i was gonna say giminem

snoop gim lol

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Even though that would be a ripoff version of Enimem, it’s pretty good lmao
I just need some names from other people to make a poll so people can vote which name is better


lol yes
kinda good name


I put a poll down now, i guess (after haiasi puts a name, then i’ll update and i’ll pick the one’s that’s winning in the poll when it closes)

  • Kanye Gim

  • Kanye Kit

  • Michael Kitson

  • Michael Gimson (sounds weird)

or this guy

also, just saying, whenever you change a poll, all of the votes reset so i suggest waiting a few hours and putting all the suggestions

Don’t worry, no one voted before i changed it

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Gimmy Hendrix
Or Gimi

I’m sorry, but there’s a poll now.

Ik but mine isn’t on the poll

That’s because it’ll reset all the votes causing people to revote.

Do you like the Gimi Hendrix idea

  • Yes
  • No
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Grake, Giminem, Taylor Kit, Gim Elishe. Try these

giminem already exists

Try the other ones then.

Can’t. I can’t update the poll to put these names since that’ll cause everyone to revote it.

Oof, Well it was nice recomendations

yeah but you can make your own poll like i did

Please don’t do that…

people take the off-topic rule seriously