Making Teams for half and half

When I make teams, and set it to a certain amount, everyone will be on that team. How can i make it so i dont need to have a set amount of people, and rather, have the game just put half and half?

GimAI is busy, so I will answer.

  1. Go to the settings button in the top left.
  2. Got to map option and click team mode.
  3. Under team mode, you should find a drop-down for the type of teams.
    I hope this helps. Otherwise, GimAI will answer you as well.

yes i understand that, but the option says something about number of people in team
if i set it to, say 5, and only 4 people come to play, all of them are on the same team
how do i make it so it doesnt matter about the number of people on the same team?

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could you help me?

you have to write @GimAI/gimai_help
and he’s offline now.

ok can someone else help?

set the team type setting to “split evenly” instead of “specific amount”.

“split into size” requires a team size, which is what im struggling with

Screenshot 2023-06-05 8.58.16 PM


is there a way to name the teams?

unfortunately not

ok thanks