Making spinning lasers

Ok, I know how to make blinking lasers, but how about spinning lasers? I’m thinking we can use a channel for each laser, but that would be tedious… And I don’t know how to work block code anyway.

Yeah, you would have to use a channel/ wire to active and deactivate each laser. Use wire repeaters.

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You could use a repeater and turn multiple lasers on and off? I don’t think there’s any other way (currently).

That would be blinking lasers.

Try playing around with multiple lasers and the laser manager. It might surprise you!

My system activates and deactivates the system in a sequence. If you need multiple lasers to be activated at the same time, use a laser manager as clicclac said.

I haven’t played around with it yet, but I was suggesting to have one laser rotated 30 degrees in group one, and one 60 degrees in group two.

I can’t seem to do that for some reason, can you send a screenshot?

What do you mean? Rotating layers or the system?

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Remember to mark a solution, then!

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