Making something that tells you which team you're on?

I want to make something that shows which team you’re on to the player. I have a red team and a blue team.

Place a zone around the spawn zone for each team, place a notification, wire the notification to the zone (Player enters Zone→ Show notification) change the notification text to “Welcome To Blue Team!” or whatever you want.

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OR, if its possible wire the notification to the spawn pad…

Spawn pads has no wire conections, you would have to add a zone so that when entered, it sends a notification, then when entered you send on a channel that then deactivates the zone, also make sure its under the spawn pad

Yeah, i figured as much…

I know how to do that, and it’s not really what I’m looking for. Something that like, just stays on screen to tell you which team you’re on. Plus I want everyone to spawn at the same point, so I’m assuming I just can’t do this?

@maggie If you are disabling the leaderboard, make a notification that shows what team they are on

No I’m not disabling the leaderboard, it just shows as “team 1” and “team 2” instead of “team red” and “team blue”. Unless there’s a way to switch it to that?

Sorry, I don’t think so.

Dang :frowning: Wish there was a way to ask devs to do that, maybe they will in the future.

I don’t think there is something like that. I’ve tried it about a million times. Not talking about Coffee.