Making Game for Class

I’ve made a game that my class has played, and I’m looking to make another. It would need answerable questions in it so it’s “educational” , and it should also be multiplayer. Any ideas?

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Escape room?
Boss battles?
Code your way out?

I feel like I need a unique kind of thing that not many people have made.

Duck Duck Goose?
Rock Paper Scissor Sh00t tournament?

A story mode game with lots of of things that your class could do

I’m letting this be un-resolved for a day/until I find a really good one

What about a swimming or racing game with upgrades, and you answer questions to move along the trail!
The upgrades will move you further each turn.

well, what do your classmates like?

  • story?
  • Simulator?
  • Adventure?
  • Battle?
    we honestly cant give the best idea without some details

My classmates are probably more pvp type, or anything competitive.

Make a story mode but like the spirit world in super smash

so now we have an idea on what you want :blush:

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and to avoid confusion, do you have the season ticket @TheBKing ?

A classic arena game where you can battle it out with other people, and you can answer questions for currency. You can spend the currency for gadgets. There would be various tricks traps scattered around the arena, and the arena is small to begin with. You have 3 lives, and you can sh00t sentries around the map for a temporary damage boost. The last person standing wins.


Make an adventure game, like 1WO

A game where there are quite a few different roles. The speed role, the strength role, etc. The thing is, you need to answer questions to refill your gadget’s ammo and to upgrade the weapon. You also need currency to unlock different roles.

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You could do an escape room [1]

  1. You could make it where your classmates have to answer all the questions right to move on to the next room, like everyone finds the key but they need to answer the right question to move on ↩︎

A Legendary Idea.

Depending how much class time you get, code health differently.

I like to call my idea,

Field Of Battle.

You start off weak, against other people. Split into equal teams. The better you and your team perform, the stronger you can get. You play until you beat the opposing teams king. Also add guards, other sentries like that too. That’s my idea. Make it so you can recruit strong sentry heroes to help protect your team and win in battle!

(add energy for movement, and your set. Also for performing actions.)


Something with teams of 3-5.

Sorry I couldn’t answer sooner, but no.

so no platforming ideas, thanks!