Making FNF In Gimkit Creative


Stands for “Friday Night Funkin”, which was a popular game back then.

Yea, since gimkit turing is now complete, i wonder if it’s possible to create FNF. No, i will NOT publish it, due to copyright reasons.

Although it may take a heck load of wires just to make a rhythm game. Any ideas to make?

FNF Context

Read the context here:

Also, does this count to put research in here?

What do you need help with?

I’m researching some concepts to add to fully make FNF in Gimkit Creative.

I’m pretty sure the research tag is for concepts in GKC, like qmechs, so probably not

I’ve had this idea before, but i didn’t think it would work. Triggers and teleporters to corresponding locations of the arrow keys. This would be for the mechanics. The arrows are another story. Probably a system of text channels hooking together to appear and disappear.

Why is this topic in Devices ? This is a Help topic.


This is definitely possible using JSN, assuming you have a way to implement music. Yes, Gimkit has its own music choices, but those are hardly suitable for a rhythm game.