Making flags that go back to the base on death - How Do?

I’m adding flags to my game as carry points. You can get them throughout the map and have to bring them to the starting area, getting money in the process.

However, when a player dies, the flag bugs and doesn’t return. I added a Lifecycle to the flags telling them to return on player death, but then if anyone dies everyone loses their flags! How do I make the flags a player is holding return if that player dies?

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Click on the flag, go to customization, and set “automatic return to base” to 1. this will make it return after one second. unfortunately it can’t be made any shorter.

The flags are bugged, I stated that in my post. When the player dies it’s not dropped, it bugs out and just breaks :frowning:

ok then idk

Closing this, I tracked down the source of the flag bug. PLEASE read my latest post if you’re working with flags!