Making All Of Metroid 1's Power ups!

These are all of the power ups.
If any one wants to help me make all of these power ups, please do!
(some words were a bit altered for sensor purposes)

Morphing Ball

This special ability allows Samus to assume the shape of a small metallic ball - perfect for crawling through narrow tunnels throughout the terrain.

You’ll also be given the ability to plant b0mbs in this mode once you’ve found the B0mb upgrade.

Missile Tanks

Missile Tanks litter the corridors and shafts of Zebes, you’ll be finding plenty of these while exploring the vast caverns. Each Missile Tank found adds a further five missiles to Samus’ maximum arsenal.

Long Beam

Initially, Samus’ arm cannon’s range will be quite short, but once this weapon’s found early in the game her shot range will reach the edge of the screen for any weapon type equipped. You’ll also be treated to a new sound effect for Samus’ beam projectiles.

Energy Tanks

This will give Samus an extra 100 energy units to her current maximum health level - definitely something you need. You’ll be able to carry up to a maximum of six energy tanks, but eight are hidden throughout the game.


While in Morphing Ball mode, Samus can plant b0mbs that damage any enemies within range. The b0mbs can also break open certain blocks to uncover hidden tunnels in the environment.

Ice Beam

The Ice Beam changes Samus’ beam to a freezing shot, any euemies struck by the beam will be instantly frozen. Sh0ot the target again to unfreeze it. While an euemy is frozen Samus can jump on top of them without taking damage. You’ll need the Ice Beam when venturing into Tourian near the end of the game as it’ll be critical when facing Metroids.

you could make this into a guide once you’re done

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but first, we need to make the power ups.

ill respond to stuff later

Perhaps Samus can only place b0mbs in certain locations, and once he is in Morphing Ball mode, it activates buttons that un-hide objects, maybe with special effects (I remember a guide on that somewhere). These buttons would deactivate after Samus had de-transformed. Maybe the same could be with the ice beam, as a laser? Making power-ups is hard. I wish that the devs would just add transportation zones, then you could move items, props, gims sentries, etc with you. I did see a guide that could do something like that somewhere, but I can’t find it.

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that’s true.

For long beam maybe you could have a zapper at first then upgrade to evil eye. I haven’t played Metroid so I don’t know if this is accurate to the game, but with the description that seems to make sense…