Making a weapon have low damaging

How do i make it when a player has a weapon (slingshot, for example) and shoots it, it deals low damage instead of the normal damage a slingshot has?

I know this is possible, since someone who made a game done this.

use a damage boost and set it under 1x

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make the damage lower

Zone then damage boost

a picture to help you


Alright: @gim_guy Thanks for the help, but how do i make it only apply to THAT weapon instead of all of them?

@Spaceman I’m asking how to do that…

@THEHACKER120 Why zone, though?

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Because… ummm… there’s no other way I know how to do it…

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Connect the channel so that the damage booster applys to the channel or something like that

is the player going to have more than just that one gadget?

With lower damage, no, just one weapon.

With normal damage, yes.

again just connect channels and wire repeaters

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I mean, will the player just have that one singular gadget in their inventory?

I’m not really good at channels, but thanks.

And gimguy, i’m sorry if i’m getting confused:

They will get a zapper (common) in the beginning, just with normal damage.

Alright so that weapon will be at normal damage and then later on they will get a slingshot which is what you want to have less damage, @FersionSpeedy ?

So make it so that when they get the one with less damage it transmits on a channel which transmits to the damage boost or use wire repeaters


I tried these options, none of them worked.

is the zapper going to be replaced though?

No, it’s just a weapon they found.

I don’t think you can do a specific gadget unless you replace it and if you can I’m not sure how