Making a Sell Station

so I’m trying to make a space where I can sell Items, but all I can figure out is how to grant money. Not take items in exchange for money

P.S. I can’t make any replies because I just made my account for this help thingy today and I am unable to make any more replies. so sorrie

vending machine device

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You can use a vending machine. Make it cost the item, and in return, it gives you a set amount of money

vending machiens to buy items or sell them basiclly youll have to make a lot of diffrent types if you want to do selling in bulks (or someone could make it simpler) basiclly the item your “selling” and the amount of money their supposed to get

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If you want it to sell all at once, then you can do this.

Link every special item to a item manager and property, and make it so every item when button clicked, it can send a relay to a trigger with some block code, to take away how many properties it had, and multiply some cash. Wayyy more complicated though, if you want it, I could do that for you.

(Would you like some help on it? Or you good?)


its ok if you cant comment now but use the vending machine just put the item of what you want to sell and the money as the item you can get back you can choose the amount of how much you sell and get back