Making a new game, and need help already

I need help, so the code is-

wait, nevermind, i can’t share codes here.
Although i’m making a battle royale game with diffirent maps. It won’t end and it’ll keep going on forever (even if someone wins on a map, they also get teleported back to a place) until the host stops the game.

I need title ideas, since i don’t know which one to put.

Biome Brawl?

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I think that’s already used by someone - GimAI suggested it back in the old days.


World Collision, War of the Realms, Clash of the Realms, Crossover Challenge, The World Tree, etc.

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The Circle of Warfare/Fate of the Eternal Clash

I could use that for my next game!

These are some pretty cool names

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