Making a game, any suggestions?

Yes I love it, @2029bensonVin and @ThatGim

You could make small unimportant not-very-necessary “easter eggs” for an extra little bit of fun.

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do you know the mushroom man?

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The Mushroom man?

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the mushroom man.

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The one who live on Mushroom lane?

the mushroom man wants to know you.

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ok yaĺl get back on topic, why r we talking about the mushroom man???

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My bad

Its alr, but why are we talking about him?

probably because of the muffin man lol

but yeah lets get back on-topic

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agreed sorry


what if you make a dungeon crawler and every enemy you kill drops something that can be traded in for more health better Armer weapons and harder enemies that drop better stuff or if you can have the enemies drop random loot like Destiny or Borderlands.

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Tip:Don’t panic when your gim looks 100% messed up.This is a known bug.

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Ooh thats a good idea @Nooblord

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you should add a sacrificial pentagon on the table where the knife is, with candles in each corner @I_Like_Props.

you mean a pentagram?

Sure, but the outline of the gim was basically the thing that they do when they find a body.

Look up “Chalk outline crime scene”

I think that’s what they mean.

@The_Time-Keeper if you’re comfortable, what is your gender? I don’t want to misgender you.