Making a counters target be a property

I need the counters target value to be a property number ( I already have the property) Is this possible? If so how?

You have to use block code to check this. It isn’t possible otherwise

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But the counter has no block code options

Use a trigger

It can update a property that can be compared in a trigger

Use some guides in counter-efficiency to compare 2 properties edited by counters.

sorry how do I do this? I am trying to make it so that when one property is equal to another property it transmits on a channel.

Yeah either use counter-efficiency like @getrithekd said or have the counter update a property (essentially a variable) in the counter settings. You can compare that property to another in block code.

In the block code of which device?

A trigger is most common and useful but the notification device has the least memory.

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so what would the triggers block code look like? i am having a hard time finding a block code that checks for equal to : property blurred

Use and if block linked to an equal to block. They are light blue (I can’t remember what the category is called)