Making a Boss Battle game, could use some assistance

I’m having some trouble making the boss have more health than the players on the opposing team. I’m somewhat new to Creative and I used this guide to create a system for teams How to setup teams for Among Us | Difficulty: 🟩.
I would like to create a game quite similar to “1 Dad Vs. 11 Kids” if you’ve ever played it.

Basically, the version I plan to make is a fun gameplay loop where the “Dad” (Boss) has to kill the “Kids” 100 times but the “Kids” have to kill the “Dad” only 10. Although, the “Dad” is significantly stronger with stronger weapons and much more health even though the kids have a major numbers advantage. Anyway, would like some help is possible, thank you.


so u want a sentry boss or a player boss??

The wip tag is for guides by the way. So you need help with the system you want to make?

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Yes, also thanks for the clarification >.<

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A player boss preferably

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ok so i am not the best with this but u would first need to change the map settings i think

and thnen get something that gives extra life to the host only idk what that thing is called but its like a life meter or something

You can create pseudo teams and grant the “boss” team additional health

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How so? If you’re not afraid to tell anyway?

It is “impossible” to add additional health (I just tested rn) however you can change what weapons and how many lives you want to give on game start, by first creating 2 teams and setting everybody onto 1 team and randomly choosing a person to go to team 2, you can now grant items to the boss by adding a lifecycle device set to activate on game start that connects to a channel which is set whatever you want and now connects to a relay set on “All players on specific team” and set the team you want the boss on (make sure you already set the player on the specific team) you can now add a channel which is different from the first channel, then add an item granter to grant the boss with (any weapon you want) and connect it with the second channel that you added in, to add “health” you can just add extra lives to the boss using this exact system. (I realized using a pseudo system for this would be too complicated.)

Sounds great! A few more questions if you don’t mind as you seem to be educated in this department. How would I add or eliminate a specific amount of lives from a player or multiple players?

What you could also do is give a random player an item, full health, and put them in a separate team (boss team), while keeping everyone else’s health low. Every time the boss dies, check for all players (relay → checker) if they have the item. If so, grant them enough HP to make their health bar full.

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To create additional lives you could first create a block code device (you can find a list of them on the forum) that connects to a knockout manager and a property that will store the lives, then use a relay on the team that the boss is in an set it to broadcast on a channel that connects to the block code devices which can be done by going into the block code device and going into the blocks tab and clicking on the “When receiving on channel” then set the name of the channel and set the property value (which can be found in essentials) to how much lives you want, then get the knockout manager device and blocks again, this time you would want to click on “On Knockout” and click on “For This Device” which you would then drag “Broadcast Message (As Knocked Out Player)” and broadcast decrement lives, then create another block device which follows the same steps as the first block device but this time change the when receiving on channel “decrement” and set the property value of lives to “get property value lives” - [1], if you need any help with any of these steps I can provide pictures of what it should look like.

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