Make on Game Over Screen Say What Ending You Have

I want it to when you get an ending, it says what ending you got on end screen.

that’s the leaderboard. you can change what makes you in first place. mark this as a solution

I do not know what you mean, please explain!

@jch10 wait tell me the thing “you have”

Okay. I am doing a story game with multiple endings.I want leaderboard to say your ending when you reach one!

There is this thing called the End of Game widget, it can display things like strings, properties, etc., and it displays at the end of the game, where the leaderboard is.

ohhh just use a pop up and then a end game device

I want the ending on the game over screen! You know with tag domination there are popups saying things like how many tags? I want that, but with it saying the ending you reach!

Exactly, that’s what the EOG widget does.

use end game widget @jch10

that’s the end game widget mark this as a solution

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