Make it to midnight (DBD but rec room) help

So make it to midnight (MITM) is DBD but in rec room. there is only one killer, bonky the clown, and you can play as either, bonky, or a survivor (B for Bonky, and S for survivor), to make it fun, the game has perks instead of extra items or killers, (Survivor perks) this ranges from when you mess up the generator minigame, it only drops by 5 Instead of 10, faster heal time, or sharing bonky’s locations, (Bonky perks) his ranges from less swing time, sabotaging generators when a survivor is caught, or extra time on the perks. and I need help with making 3 things

  1. the generator minigame
  2. the perks
  3. swinging the hammer as bonky
    (it is meant to be four teens trying to escape a carnival with the mascot chasing them, but its funnier to pretend a bonking clown is chasing them trying to “Off” them)
    (I also should explain, that when midnight is close, bonky is faster, and when midnight is upon the teens, they are always revealed so you are forced to speedrun or else)
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can you explain 1 and 2?

  1. so for the generators, there is every once in a while a little mini-game, where you have to press a button in the green, if in the dark green, nothing happens but you don’t lose charge, if light green, you gain 3 to 5 energy on the gen if on the dark blue, you lose 10 (5 if you have the tech wiz perk) and you reveal the location of the generator to bonky (this is so you cannot camp gens if you miss)
  2. the perks are like abilities, that last for the whole game. some last all game (like the just mentioned tech wiz) and others, only activate under special conditions (here are 2 1. adrenaline rush. you have a 50 % higher stamina regen speed when hurt 2. Escape enhancement. when one generator is complete, you can honk the horn in the cage and escape all by yourself without any help from teammates note that it becomes useless if you have already been captured because you can only be put in the cage once)