Make flags dissapear after captured

Does anyone know how to make flags dissappear after captured?

If you want them to disappear after capture, I assume it would require a channel triggering after the flag is captured.

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As for the bed, if the flag is captured, activate a channel. I assume you could make it change a property to “false” and when property = “false” then when a knockout manager is triggered, use a team switcher to change the team to spectator. IDK, though.

I think you can remove the flag from their inventory or just make a flag capture zone right outside where they get the flag.

doesnt work. I think ill just put a red barrier that activates when the flag gets taken.

no you cant, it’s not an item
just put an inactive barrier on it

Well yeah then i said a flag capture zone…

so that doesnt work
it just changes the player that killed the player into spectator ;-;

doesnt work either i tried that,
i just put a red barrier that appears after you capture the flag.
seems to work.

If it works, mark your post as the solution…

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