Make a Movement Meter for a Certain Team

I’m creating a game where I only want a movement meter to be active for a certain team. For example, if a player is on team 1, they need an item to move. If they are on team 2, they don’t need an item to move. How can I do this?

Lifecycle device (detects game start)
On event---------------- trigger relay
Relay device (set to a specific team, team 1)
Relay triggered-------------- activate movement meter
Movement meter (Set active on game start to no, customize other settings to your liking)

Did you test it? Doesn’t work for me

To do the system they described above you are going to want a setup like this:
Screenshot 2023-06-07 4.19.04 PM

Lifecycle Device:
Screenshot 2023-06-07 4.19.17 PM

Relay Device:

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