Make a host choose a mode for a game

I want to make a mode where there are different modes and I want the host to choose a mode like Zapper battle or Slingshot battle how do I make the host pick a game mode before the game starts.

Have the host spawn in a different room with many buttons & each of those buttons can represent a game. Wire it so that everyone will be teleported to the area of the game.

How do I wire it so the only items that are in that area are zappers if I put other weapons there too?

Nobody knows? Is is possible?

it is possible here is a guide to making a randomizer to giving you a different weapon:How to make a easy randomizer

You can use an item granter depending on the button (if your using GimkitRB’s thing) but if you use an item spawner you have to put a barrier over them and then deactivate barriers depending on what item/weapon you need.

I think a spawn pad for the host is not a good idea cuz when the host gets knocked out/ needs to respawn, then they will spawn in the wrong place. If it is just choosing between zappers or slingshots, then you can have a popup with 2 call-to-actions.

item granter

event: game start

Header: Which weapon do you want to grant the players?
primary call to action: zapper
secondary call to action: slingshot
closable by player: NO

now the relays:
both are set to all players

item granters:
first one:
item to grant: zapper
item amount: 1

second one:
item to grant: slingshot
item amount: 1

lifecycle, popup: even occurs —> open popup
popup, relay 01: primary call to action clicked —> trigger relay
relay01, popup: relay triggered —> close popup
relay01, item granter01: relay triggered —> grant item
popup, relay02: secondary call to action clicked —> trigger relay
relay02, popup: relay triggered —> close popup
relay02, item granter02: relay triggered —> grant item

Screen Shot 2024-05-25 at 9.56.12 AM

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Oh gosh that’s a lot thank you I will try that.

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