M1dnight's Ultimate Guide to Thumbnail Design

Burbank Big Condensed Black, or something familiar.

I cant find it in the pixlr font thing though.

nevermind I downloaded it.

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how do you make it so it’s blurred?

ok can u redo the guide and add a lot more screenshots

yea because I am stuck.

Bumpity Bump Bump


There are three things that hold this back forming being a perfect thumbnail

  1. Back of Stache gim indicates that this is the pre redesign version. This hurts my brain.
  2. Quantum portal sizes don’t make sense due to how perspective works.
  3. How tall is this grass for the Quantum Portal to be sinking into the ground? Makes no sense if the stache isn’t covered.
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Yeah you’re right the stache looks weird because there’s that weird shadow there. And the grass is short
Also nice guide @M1dnight

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I am still stuck. :frowning:

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same… its hard to understand

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like how do you just blur it? I don’t see anything for that.

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yea and how do u blend it together???

yeah im a gonna make a youtube video since I never showed where the effects are.

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ok, thank you! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

once you post it

maybe you can tell us the name of it.


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making thumbnails in pixlr be like:
you get a vignette


lmao fr
it does make gims look 3d tho, so that’s cool

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btw, youtube video dropping soon
ima make it when I get back

sorry abt no video yet, i kinda broke my obs codec settings (i swear ill do it tonight)