M1dnight's Ultimate Guide to Thumbnail Design

im just kinda going of my recent work, cuz a lot of the thumbnails I’ve made have had good responses.

this is completely off-topic ._.
how is this related to gkc developing?


Yeah, you are really good at thumbnail designs, but just saying, there are a lot of really good thumbnail creators too. I for one am like, decent ig, and I_LIKE_PROPS is really good too.


how is it off topic?

Another one??? Noice.

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im not sayign im the best. i do love a lot of their work. i think a lot of people kinda forget that. i wrote the guide at like 11

how is it related to gkc developing?

cuz publishing is an important part of making gimkit maps and many people need help with thumbnails

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Well, thumbnails requests are cluttering up the help section, so ig it is a good idea to make one post on it and be done

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publishing is absolutely not necessary
this guide is not gkc-related at all
it just uses a gkc game thumbnail as an example

no ,its specifically for gimkit games
it may be able to cut down on the off topic posts in help

just flag the help posts and be done
maybe it would have been a good idea to make one thread and be done, yes! but PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY MADE THREADS FOR THUMBNAIL REQUESTS AND THUMBNAIL GUIDES

maybe one would have been good, but this is not the first…

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all the otherones a re down and flagged tho

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yk whats off topic? you ranting about thumbnails and how this is off topic. this is pretty on topic, and you’ve already sent like 10 messages over this

if you want to stay on topic, stop sending 50 messages of this

  1. this is not related to making gkc maps, which is what this forum is about.
  1. it’s not an in-depth guide at all, just a pixlr tutorial

Y’all this is starting to cause a clutter, can we all just stop here? :sweat_smile:

Ok, every chill. @M1dnight , pls try to have a nicer tone,
carl, pls try to understand that i dont think this is off topic.
I really dont want to start a flame war

Cute picture to cool everyone down


It’s been like this for a while… If we want to make a change, it’ll take community effort.

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compromise, what if we move this to hlp section? so people can request there instead of the guide section

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Why just why would people ask for thumbnails here?!
This is just a thumbnail guide, not a thumbnail request dump.
@wingwave, I heard you want to learn how to make thumbnails, voila.