Loz:totk help [filler]

im making loz:totk (Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom) rn, and im working on shrines and the sky islands,

I need help to make ultrahand

for those non loz players out there

its a ability that lets you move stuff like logs and stones

and fuse them together

so you can fuse 3 logs together and a sail

to make a raft!

is this possible in gkc???


ummm animation wise yes, but idk

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Normally it would be impossible with the memory limit but the use of it in specific and scripted cases like with certain puzzles around the map would definitely be possible.


not animation wise tho

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yeah u usually use ultrahand for puzzles to advance in game

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I know the solution is marked but maybe you could make an items system? like you could collect the items and then if there is the specific amount of items the player is able to craft it. you could use lots of checkers or teleport players to “in the ultrahand” or something where there is a crafting table? if you use checkers: get a popup chain that works as a crafting list. for the moving objects it would definitely have to be scripted though…

oh tears of the kingdom is amazing!
I’m not really sure how ultrahand or any of the abilities other than ascend could be possible

I prefer to use just totk as the abbreviation, but whatever

here’s a guide I made on teleportation for shrines:
How to make a sheikah slate! (teleportation from anywhere)

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welp now its the purah plate


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