Look at this please I made an autistic kite it is off topic

I made a kite in the kit so tell me how u like it

This is Kinda off topic.

(I’d say maybe 7/10? Could be better)


Isn’t this a showcase?
Maybe try to add a few realistic lines on the kite…
Ooh and a few wind emojis if you want…:wind_face:

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thanks that is very thought full

it is a autistic kite and thank you @JDAT_Is_Cool. @Captain-Gim it is an autistic kite sense I’m autistic.

5/10, has potential.

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Can you explain more with what’s going on?


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I know that it is off topic.@GimkitLover1 im autistic.


oddly specific but that’s what came to mind

can you please just mark a solution its sorta off topic