Lobby music aint playing

The lobby music wont play, even though my volume is fine, when I start the game, it doesnt work, how do I make it play again? Also, it doesnt say “none” though, whatever music genre i pick, nothing plays .-.

guys sorry if im posting too much topics :<

I’m not sure, but iit might be your internet connection.

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but my internet is 300 MB

Well, then, you might want to make a help topic.

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but this already exists .-.

Okay. If you need any more help, as I am inexperienced with these gitches, go to htttps://help.gimkit.com. This did happened to me once, and It fixed after I existed the game. Try that, maybe restart your device?

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i tried restarting too! But i cant access that website unfortunately, but thank you!

You say lobby as in each creative map before the host starts the game?

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you mean when I start the game? yes, it doesnt play the music .-.

Click on the music button pls. And turn up the slider maybe?

can you elaborate a screenshot? idk whats a slider, sry :<

Then see the button that’s to the left? Click it.

Then slide it up all the way?

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ok lemme just check!

Ohhh!!! Thats the problem, thanks dude!!!

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sheesh gimkit is crazy, my comment got flagged because i used a BURGER EMOJI

Maybe I flagged it because it was off topic?

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how? are you a developer :o

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I know ai isn’t techncally against the rules but please post that on a different topic, not here

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