Lobby Help For Game

So, I need help with the lobby of my game I’m not going to say it’s name just in case its considered self promo. It’s basically a Gameshow Horror game with a Sentry (Robot form) Name Robo Joe. It’s the lobby not the actual Game Show Room.

I think it’s original and took me a while to come up with. So I hope you’ll help.

What exactly do you need help with?

Bruh, I explained it, but its for ideas and what I should put in it because I’M UNORIGINAL!

Can someone help? I’m not gonna be on in an hour

Ok. Sheesh. I wasn’t sure what you wanted. Also, do you need ideas for the game too? Or just the pregame lobby

So do you need like design ideas? Or just ideas for your game?

Pregame, Sorry if I sounded rude.

Np. You could add some space trash (it looks like robot parts). Maybe some moss that is colored so that it looks like oil.


Not really. I just like decorating.

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