List what you want to play!

List games in gimkit that you wish I’ll make.

Game Chosing
  • Space Games (Investigation, Escape, etc.)
  • Island Survival (Figure out how to survive before rescued)
  • Protect your Kingdom (Attack other kingdoms, defend yours)
  • Under the Sea (Obstacle Course, Investigation, Escape, Race, etc.)
  • SnowLand (Snowbrawl, Snowy Survival, Escape, Survive, etc.)
  • Olympics (Blastball, Track, etc.)
  • Other (comment down below for more ideas)
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You gotta put the poll in a line under all the other text.


The wiki tag doesn’t make it a wiki


What wiki tag? I don’t see it?

Im working on an olympic map rn

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I removed it you added it originally though

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Thanks! I might have done it accidentally

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Really? You want to do a collab?

It is really cool to do something i never thought anyone else might do!

If you want. I already have a soccer game and medal system set up. Need help with some others

Can u share the code?

That’s illegal on this site.

go on the wix for that.

Sorry, I forgot about that.

can u share a link to the wix?

for the wix you need to be approved I would suggest a padlet instead

I don’t remember it

post it in my padlet, give me a sec.

Then we need to get back on topic before the post gets taken down

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I need about 3 minitues, how to get more votes?