List of Impossible Things

Can we brainstorm things that are impossible in GKC? And I’m not talking about pseudo health and health.



Coming back from spectator mode…


Mechanisms that detect when a player is damaged.

Telling exactly what gadget was used to KO a player when they have several

(I wanted this for a guide I’m making but I know I can’t do it.)

Mechanisms that detect how many hits a player took

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Mechanisms that detect what gadget first hit a player

Mechanisms to detect the exact position a player died

Making the player’s view bigger

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Making a specific item decay, apparently.


Bruh that’s gimhook.

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Yes, I saw that one and there is no solving it

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Making a weapon that actually works likes a real gadget

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without cheating [because really, you should know better]

Making a gadget start empty, or taking ammo out of a loaded gadget

Yeah, they always start loaded…

Can this go in devices or something

That one’s easy.

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Yeah, with blocks and stuff.

Sentry interactions

and dealing damage without gadgets or lasers

those are classic

Making a map that literally lists EVERYTHING accurately, with labels, and not pre-made.