List of Endings (So Far)

Here is the list of Endings already:

Out of Bounds Ending (Submitted by Undertale)

Puzzle: Undecided
Difficulty: Undecided

One with Mother Nature Ending ( Submitted by Kosm0-o)

Puzzle: Grass block one layer higher. Trigger effect.
Difficulty: Normal

Error 404 Ending (Submitted by Kosm0-o)

Puzzle: 25 Buttons, Invisible teleporter, 100 Buttons, Popup, 5 digit code
Difficulty: NO!

Cat Ending (Submitted by Roberta)

Puzzle: Find the Cat
Difficulty: Hard

YOu can just add to your original post, you don’t have to create new topics every time, it causes clutter

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what is this supposed to be about?

um, he had 1 topic asking for suggestions and made another one to list the ones he already got, it was unnecessary and causes clutter

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Cat Ending
Puzzle:Find The Cat