Limit to only Single Player?

Pretty new here, I see the Map Option to ALLOW single players, but can I LIMIT the game so it’s ONLY a single player version of the game? Thanks!

Welcome! How was the fall? You didn’t break your shell, didn’t you? Check forum-tips and as well as

there’s no way to limit it to one player yet!

Well, you can have a thing on game start that broadcasts to all players. Make that trigger a trigger that activates a a trigger (call this one the spectator trigger). Also make the thing on game start trigger the spectator trigger. Make the spectator trigger trigger a team switcher to spectator. Also, have a lifecycle for j0in late trigger the spectator.

@MrEgg there is a way.


but u can put something like “only 1 person” in ur GKC map(s) desc

UGHHH! I swear, I just answer without thinking!

i feel the same way bro, especially on my OST’s (Ohio State Tests)

Ty all for the help and quick replies!

you’re very welcome!