Lifecycle being ignored

I am creating a battle royale and set up a gulag, a place where players are supposed to be teleported when they are killed. I set up a lifecycle (player knocked out) to a teleporter. The only issue is, when a player is knocked out, nothing happens and they instead spawn back into the map. Any help?

Lifecycles are originally only host scoped

Have a relay(all players) before the teleporter

Try wiring it to a trigger with a delay first and then to the teleporter.

No. It’s for player knocked out.

Idk…I’m just guessing, I don’t really mess with those…

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Welcome to the forums @GamedOutGB ! Use what @getrithekd said, if that doesn’t work, try just making it so that when a player is knocked out, they switch to the spectators team, or they switch to a different team, and make spawn pad that matches that team, and make it only spawnable there during in game. Make all the other teams you use different from the one you use for the team where they get sent to when they die.

welcome to the forums @GamedOutGB!