Level up when you defeat a gim

I need help on making a mechanic wet when you get a defeat a gim you teleport to the next area a I made one for the 1 and 2 arena but what is tries makes it go into the previous area can anyone help

are the teleporters set to groups? if so it is probably the problem.
each set of teleporters leading to the next level should be their own group.

If you have the same group, it won’t work. Another thing is, you need to keep track of channels too. That can also be a problem. Make sure the teleporter doesn’t have a target group if you don’t want to go back.

I am using the knockout manger so when I defeat a gim it teleports me th the teleported on the same group but when I do that again it teleports me back to spawn

Do you use the same knockout manager? And the issue might be with channels if you use those.

I used different ones but it did the same and I tried one with the knockout manager connected to a zone

Ok so when the sentry is beaten, make it transmit a channel.

Put a teleporter in your chosen area. Make it so when it receives the channel from the sentry, it teleports the player there.

Make sure to use different channels for each sentry and area.

It is for players will that still work though

Yes. If you need the entire team, you could use relays.
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What do I set the relay to and it is for solos So not that good with Devices

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then you don’t need a relay for solo.

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