Leo_Flowers guide on how to decide if your game is ready to be published!

I think you should send the link to someone and have them test it and if you are still not sure send it to multiple people so you get a lot of opinions

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Noice guide @leo_flowers

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Very cool somewhat PSA, but definitely not. GKC related, so its good!

Nice guide! Will help me in the future.

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Another thing is that you could just set out to make something, and when you’ve accomplished what you want to do you publish it. That’s what I do.


wow, that’s all I have to say…

do you think my game is good?(five nights at spydecraft’s)

Did you post this on the wrong topic?

(If not, it’s considered advertisement.)

no i am just asking if it was good or if i have to unpublish it.

I’ve never seen it. I’m not really playing other peoples maps at the current time. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Uh… I don’t think you can unpublish.
2, then please don’t ask here. It’s considered advertising. Ask friends at school, or the wix and padlets.



when you are able to, just search “spydecraft’s” in discovery to find it.(or look on trending)

my bad @Txme_Lxss "adios":v:

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Hey @leo_flowers , I made a guide similar to this but we made it on the same day :confused: so idk who should credit who.

Also, no offense to everyone, but is it really necessary to put ‘(your username) guide on (topic)’? Originally people did this to distinguish between multiple guides on the same topic, but if there aren’t really that many other guides on that topic, why do it? I really don’t have anything against it, just I don’t really get it. It’s like the ‘signing your guide’ thing. Your username shows up when you post at the top, so it’s really just something to make the guide creator feel ‘special’ and ‘unique’.

Hmmm… we could credit eachother… and yes I believe it is relevant to put " ( your name) guide on (topic ) so people know that it is your guide, and then, if people want to look at one of these, they can see who’s is who’s or the original one that was made before the rest. Basically showing your unique way and perspective of things, I guess you could say it is technically signing it. ( and there is quite a few guides on publishing maps. )

hmmm same day not same time though.
Screenshot 2024-03-14 4.49.27 PM
Screenshot 2024-03-14 4.49.36 PM

Oh didn’t see that XD

Well, people would know it’s your guide because of the literal username at the top of the post. But yeah, you have a point.

Bumping such useful things is easy, but not when its your own guide :<