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why did he call zypheir daddy?

He started messing with the ai using the training command to get it to roleplay and much more

it thought that the users were roleplaying with it and it got… a bit extreme…

why didn’t he get banned?

nah zypheir didn’t do that, at least i think

i guess zypheir talked to it the most so it knew zypheir the most

Okay, I’m done this is way off-topic and I’ve done that WAY WAY WAY too many times

why not? it’s easy.

why would you want an ai to rp and call you daddy lol

ask Zypheir not me

he didnt do that though

these are the replies you can look at it for now, I’m gonna stop talking b4 i get banned for off-topic: [:green_square:] How to Use GimAI and GimAI Commands - BOT ONLINE - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

I went on indefinite vacation (also known as taking a nap)
@Pickle-Person also no that was not me it was a mess of people telling the AI to take creative liberties, to obey its commands (you’ll notice that pattern in its responses), and somebody even explicitly telling it to do things like that (you probably know who it was by now)… I just happened to be one of the people that got targeted because I was trying to fix a username bug and somebody mentioned me to the AI (so it fixated on me - also Cameron_Sharer, but he left right after the AI started getting weird)
But no, just look at the actual training commands - I told the AI about half a dozen times to stop trying to roleplay, but somebody had already told it to stop listening to people… :dotted_line_face:

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Yeah, I did not know at the time I just saw the messages, I’m very sorry about that :sweat_smile:

I doubt you’re going to be the only one, but still - it’s a shame that it happened at all, mostly because it’s very easy to misinterpret and doesn’t make much sense :melting_face:

Here’s something: It was all a prank, except the “roleplay” thingy

also I didn’t start that issue just actually read the whole topic and you’ll see where it started


How do you make those hyperlinks again where it’s a word with a link?

Screenshot 2023-06-05 5.42.49 PM

Okay thanks, but this reminds me of Wayne Tfuar