Layering Question

Is there a more efficent and less annoying way to layer objects, Im haveing to make a farus wheel and all of the frame work requires layering and its tedious, so I am wondering.

I usually make the stuff on top on the top layer, then lower them to their spots.

same, but when you copy and paste it does not automaticaly go ontop.

That is very annoying. Also, do you know if you are in a certain area, only certain objects appear in layers?


You could do that, moving something away, organizing it, then move it back.

yes thats why wenn i make new things for people i walk away from my other creations also it helps with lag, and AGREED.

I don’t belive that will change it in that aspect, let me try.

Nope it just went back down to its origonal layer.

Then I don’t think there is a way. Maybe you should go to the nolt place and say grouping objects should be a thing

It would be much simpler

@WolfTechnology mark a solution if you want.

Yeah thanks for trying Blizzy.

This is not related to the area but rather the objects on your screen, so if you zoom in a lot, only the objects on your screen will show up in layers

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