Layering question (wires)

is there a way to put wires on a layer above, say, a barrier?

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I don’t think so. What for, though?

try putting the two ends of the wire above, I know you want to select the wire just go to the “wires” option of an end and you can edit it
Edit: Maybe you want to delete the wire. My way of doing it is to just move an end of the wire to a place where there is no so much clutter.

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You can just place your devices farther away from each other if you need to get more clarity on what is being wired to what.

The last one edited is placed above. but I don’t know about other devices.



Also, you’re not even going to see the wire in-game, so there’s not really a point in layering a wire anyway. If it’s for debugging, then you can edit a wire by going into a device and clicking the wires section on the left.

No, you can’t layer wires. if you’re having trouble accessing and editing the wire, you can click on either of the devices linked to the wire and edit it that way

I recommend using channels instead of wires it should fix your problem because there would no longer be a problem!

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