Laser Tag Thumbnail

I would really appreciate it if someone would make a thumbnail for a laser tag game that I am making. There are two teams, the blaster is a zapper, and the floor is a lab floor. I will add credit in the game if you do.

Would you be putting the thumbnails in a poll?

I would be happy you do one for you.

What should the lab floor look like

If so, here are a few things!

My art style

And the questions:

  • What gims
  • What weapons, in any
  • What type of background
  • Hand-drawn or Photoshopped?
  • Game Name
  • Do you want your name in the thumbnail?

I can help too, but what does the lab floor look like?
One of my past thumbnail

@1010277 I’ll be able to make a thumbnail!


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dang looks good

only suggestion is the text kinda blends with the background you might want to change the color of one of them

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Blue lab floor, sorry

Blue lab floor, please. I am very sorry, and can you also please do a plain skin? A plain colored skin or a vortex/echo skin. The colors would preferably be red and blue.

Otherwise I will use this one.

Is it okay if I don’t change it? Sorry, but I really don’t have time these days.

Yes, that’s fine, I understand! Are you still fine if I don’t use it? I still appreciate your time greatly!

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Nahhhh that’s crazy ngl :skull:

Ok ill try

ok i think im done @1010277 lmk if you want me to add anything

@1010277 Managed to Fix floor

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You’re my superstar gregory!

thats really good!