Laser ideas and rooms. Camera view help too

I’m making a laser puzzle game. You escape from a laser area. (Prison) I need ideas for lasers. Red lasers (Groups A and B) Switch when you hit the switch game overlay. Blue lasers must be turned off with a lever. (Animated) Last, yellow lasers are powered by a generator. You must destroy a generator, (Prop) or a sentry.

I also need ideas for rooms.

Extend the window out a block even though it would look a little messy.

Make flashing laser party room

I still can’t, as the camera views from different windows will collide.

Then do 2 or 3 blocks. Whatever it takes.

You change lasers by switching them manualy.

These do not go together.

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Maybe use a barrier without collision.

Laser jail cells.

Are you suggesting the window disign?

I have that:

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I was saying this so you can pass through the window, but it would require a new window redesign.

Laser maze?

Great idea!

Walks through a supposed to be solid area, into the outside, when trying to escape a building, but can’t escape.

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Um… yes… a bit of a trick to it. hehe

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It doesn’t make sense, but I will consider it.
I’m keeping this open for more ideas.

P.S. @Captain-Gim, I will need to leave for a while. (Lunch)

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Before I go, I’m going to say I solved the window problem as I made it so you can kind of see outside in them.

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I’m back. (I’m taking ideas again!)

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Here are some reference pictures from my map that you can use as ideas for design


Screenshot 2024-03-24 2.13.23 PM

  • How about a Blastball arena with lasers?
  • Or Tag with lasers
  • Or Capture The Flag with laser
  • Or or any game with lasers?
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Noice looks good

The electric box could be used as the generator

Screenshot 2024-03-24 3.17.15 PM
I may use this. Thanks! (Your map looks amazing)


I was going to make cutting the electricity disable security cameras.

This could work with sentries as it’s single player or multi player.

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