Lack of O2 system

I am going to create a lack of O2 system.

  1. Set the background to any color of water, then, build an object that will be your boat.

Now, as I am not making a system that spans hundreds of paces away from my platform, I will be adding barriers around the zones that will be placed down. Also, I will not be using any advanced system like pseudo-health or lots of lasers. But, this can be implemented if you have the time. Which I do not.

  1. Add a spawn point

Just add a spawn point device wherever you want, except it HAS to be off the water. Make sure that all teams can use this spawn point for the entire game.

  1. Add zones

You need to add zones around the object to detect if the player is in the water. Place the zones around the object like in the picture, and set the settings of the zones as said below.

When the player enters the zone, transmit on “startdrowning” (note: the quotation marks do not count)
When the player leaves the zone, transmit on “stopdrowning”
The zones should also not be visible.
Do not change settings that were not included in the explanation above.

4 . Point system

Now, as I said before, I do not want this to cover hundreds of paces, only to the edge of the zones. I will make barriers around the zones that are invisible, always active, and they will block all teams. I shall not include that part. By the way, you can make the zones as big as you want if you feel up to it. As to how you will… uh… “fall asleep forever”, I will make a point system. The pictures below will explain how to build the point system.

You will need two repeaters, two counters, one relay, and one respawn.

Counter 1: The value starts at 10. It should not be visible. When it is updated, make it only apply to player. It has a target number, which is 0.

Counter with 2: The value starts at 0. It should not be visible. When it is updated, make it only apply to player. It has a target number, which is 10.

Respawn: None.

Relay: None.

First repeater: Start repeater when receiving on “startdrowning”. Interval: 1 second. Stop strategy when receiving on “stopdrowning”.

Second repeater: Start repeater when receiving on “stopdrowning”. Interval: 1 second. Stop strategy when receiving on “startdrowning”.

Now, for the wires.

Wire counter 1 to the respawn: Target value reached, respawn player.
Wire counter 1 to the relay: Target value reached, trigger relay.
Wire counter 1 to counter 2: Target value reached, reset counter.
Wire repeater 1 to counter 1: Repeater runs task, decrement counter.
Wire counter 2 to repeater 2: Target value reached, stop repeater.
Wire relay to counter 1: Relay trigger, reset counter.

With all of these settings, you will drown in 10 seconds and be respawned back onto your object. You could change this by changing the counters, but that should be easy enough to do that I won’t share how to in this guide. If you are absolutely sure that you correctly followed my instructions and it still doesn’t work, reply and tell me. I would have used more pictures in this guide if I could, but new users have a limit of one picture in a guide, so I couldn’t. There is definitely more guides on this, and better ones at that, but I hope I helped you and that you liked this guide.



By the way, I have reached the maximum reply limit for 22 hours, so I will not be able to reply to any more messages. Do feel free to still reply even though I can’t. Sorry, and thanks for reading this guide.

Make sure to read my other guide called “Drawing Board by Kei”!


Nice guide!!! :smile:

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This is a guide, so I just changed it.

Also, (just to be safe) I would change the name of the guide if I were you, maybe running out of breath.

But nice guide!

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I’m def using this in my game!

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When i was posting, I thought that @keicjeixitio was the one changing it lol

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so you are making another way to ‘knockout’ gims?

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I will definitely do so, thank you.

This way is not exactly new, but I guess it is, yes.

Thank you so much! Also, what game will you be using this in? Just curious.

when did I ever say new?

no offense tho
so are you saying this was already created?

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maybe after the timer runs out, it activates pseudo health, so it doesn’t knock you instantly.

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I have a game in progress that I’m making which is a battle royale. Now I’m probably going to add a lake where if you go far enough to the center of the lake there will be some loot, but if you don’t, you get turned to spectator, as if you get knocked out you’re Perma dead.

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No offense taken. I was just saying it wasn’t new in case you didn’t know. This way may have been created, or something similar, and I also never used any other guides to make this. Not saying you said I did, I am just saying it to say it. Also, no offense to you back.

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very creative and I like but maybe a bit more pictures :smiley:


Nice! This sounds fun, thanks for telling me.

Yes, I thought about this, but I do not have the time and patience right now to do that. It would be more advanced, but also better, thank you though.

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maybe an easier way to do it is hide a sentry behind something, and give it only enough time fire its gadget at you. then you just do that over and over.

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Thank you! It is my first time posting a guide, I tried my best to not mess up because some forum monitors can be stingy. I am not saying that all are, but some other forums I have been in were.

Where would this sentry be placed? We would also see the bullet from the sentry and where the sentry is placed could complicate things. Good idea, but I will stick with the current system. No offense.

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I can’t right now, I created this account recently and have a limit of one picture. Thank you though, and I will use more pictures in the future.

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