Kockout Manager Only Applies to Knockouts With Weapons, and Not Tags

Yeah, just what the title says. Please fix it, Josh.

I think it is on purpose because it says to respawn on tag not knockout on tag

The knockout manager detects when a player knocks out another player. Were you looking to detect when a player gets knocked out? If you are, then a lifecycle is your best friend.

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Thank you for the info.

lifecycle doesn’t work with tags either

Yeah, i just checked :frowning:

Well, at least everyone learned something today. :person_shrugging:

I was looking to give cash when someone gets tagged

can’t you transmit on channel to a item granter with tag zone?

well, i dont think that there’s anything that’s like "when player tagged…

oh wait…never mind, the tag zone has that

yeah alright gtg bye

Mark as resolved? This question has been answered and doesn’t need to be worked on.

Not really, we found a workaround, but its still something that should be fixed (in my opinion)

no im broke as well lmao